“The Kiss” is launched…

March 30th 2012 performance:

“A winner of a play…” Jeanne W.

“The script is superb: quiet, but riveting. We see a
whole life shattered, we share in the pain, and we are never able to
distance ourselves, to look in at the character and feel superior.” Jeanne W.

“It’s amazing how wholly present Thomas was: it was all about the character
and his inescapable situation.” Jeanne W.

“Thomas Griffin is brilliant in ‘The Kiss’. He embodies the character he is portraying with skill and depth, engaging all, spellbound into his story.” Genell M.

“This well written play and acting drew me in quickly and left me contemplating my own story and the accompanying personal insights as I always hope all good theater might accomplish.” Genell M.

“I enjoyed the intimate setting and personal moments in which the character made eye contact with me; I felt as though I was a participant in the experience and not just an observer.” Genell M.

“Thomas Griffin gives a profound performance asking the question ‘Who are we as our world collapses and our unconscious reaches the surface?’” Carol S.

“This play is worthy of your evening. You’ll exit asking your own questions. See it!” Carol S.


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