“The Kiss” continues…

April 14th 2012 performance:


“Intimate and compelling…‘The Kiss’ invites us to explore our attractions and taboos by examining chance, choice and consequence. Thomas Griffin’s performance is engaging, contemplative and provocative.”  Ingrid B.


“Thomas’ performance was stunning.  I was completely engaged in the exploration of intimacy and taboo. This is a very provocative work well presented.”  Ingrid B.


“Michael Harding’s play, “The Kiss” paints a vivid, sensitive, poignant, non-judgmental picture of what’s it’s like to be a priest, from the inside out. But you don’t have to be Catholic to be moved by this play.” Wayne P. London, M.D.


“Thomas Griffin’s exquisite and stunning performance makes you feel you are actually watching a mature, thoughtful, introspective, older man reviewing his failed life and the context in which that failure occurred. You feel compassion for this priest who was also a victim.” Wayne P. London, M.D.


“The richness of Harding’s play and Thomas’ empathic performance encourage healing of this complex issue so often rendered in black and white.” Wayne P. London, M.D.


“Michael Harding has created a literary work of deep emotional intelligence, and empathy, and has exercised the discipline necessary to present a controversial issue in all its ambiguity.” Muriel Wolf.


“I was keenly drawn in by Thomas Griffin’s interpretation of this character, and was particularly moved because of his sense of timing and use of small silences; and by his facial expressions, which spoke far more than words can, and conveyed many subtle emotions. The scene in which Thomas relates the character’s youthful experience of desire for a stranger in a department store was heartbreaking.”  Muriel Wolf.


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