In Marlboro, Vermont with “The Kiss”…

April 20th 2012 performance:


“The Kiss, as embodied by Thomas Griffin, was a profound evening of theatre, full of the nuance and complexity of a singular spiritual and emotional life.  I am looking forward to the next performance.” W.E.


“I was fortunate to attend a one man show, “The Kiss”, featuring Thomas Griffin, a profound actor who captivated the audience with his outstanding performance.  His character, humbled by his wrong doings, accepting of his fate, and questioning his actions. Thomas Griffin, a man who has magnificent talent, outstanding in his portrayal of a Catholic Priest who crossed the line…Thomas is a truly gifted actor. I would be honored to attend another performance again in the future.” S. Stoddard

“I felt completely transported from the opening line to the end.  I could have been in an Irish pub sitting with this endearing priest listening to his story, feeling his loneliness, his good-intentions, his regret.” Kirstin Edelglass

“If the performance had been in a theatre for 500, I would have joined the standing ovation.  I felt privileged to see it in the intimate setting of a living room and to be able to talk with the actor afterward.” Kirstin Edelglass

“I appreciated the opportunity to get to know the character as a human being – to feel my heart open to him as he navigated confusing cultural terrain – before learning about the act that would scar his identity in the public view.” Kirstin Edelglass 

“A captivating, thought-provoking, realistic portrayal.  It has changed the way I feel when I read headlines about excommunicated clergy.”  Kirstin Edelglass


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