Another performance of “The Kiss” in Dummerston, Vermont…

April 22nd 2012 performance:


“The gentle title, “The Kiss”, is turned on its head as actor Thomas Griffin (portraying a sensitive and now former cleric) leads us on a disquieting journey through a life.”
R.A.E., Dummerston, VT


“While the subject matter could be considered controversial…. the presentation from the ‘other side’ really makes you think about the bigger picture…even if you don’t want to.
The presentation itself was wonderful. Thomas’ attention to phrasing, articulation and dynamics gave the play a musical quality that I very much enjoyed. Thanks.”

Steve and Jane


“I felt privileged to experience the transcendence that unfolds when a man walks into a living room of friends and creates an entirely alternate reality by the simple use of a chair, a table, a light, some music and a brogue.” John McPherson


“Through the magic of quiet storytelling, a man’s life is revealed to have been a tragic failure. He gave himself over to the church at a time of upheaval and reform – a time when virtually every aspect of church beliefs were questioned. Having lost his own rudder as a result he failed to come to terms with himself and finally experienced humiliation and defeat.” John McPherson


Thomas Griffin’s portrayal is warm and human – even humorous – drawing one casually into the corners of his soul until one realizes how very dark his soul is and how uncomfortable one feels watching.” John McPherson   


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