Brattleboro, Vermont performances of “The Kiss” continue…

April 26th 2012 performance:

 “BRILLIANT! A perfect performance by Thomas Griffin, coupled with Michael Harding’s beautiful and sensual words and the spot-on direction from Jerry Levy make for a truly brilliant production!” L.E.K.

“The intimacy created from the interaction between the actor and his audience was striking, breathtaking, inescapable. I’m still thinking how I was made to feel the following day – it’s a good feeling, I’m not alone!” L.E.K.
“Thomas Griffin’s venture with Jerry Levy (Acting on Impulse Theatre Company) to reinvent the dinner theater, speak-easy-style, deserves a revival. Enjoying appetizers and dinner before the performance and sharing in a discussion with the actor over dessert afterward is a unique and extremely enjoyable evening.” L.E.K.


(“Money well spent on a very enjoyable evening.” Suzanne)


“A fascinating evening…very brave of Thomas to perform in such an intimate setting. His performance was a bold, powerful experience.  Thanks again.” J.K.


“A powerful performance of an intimate exchange with a former Irish priest.” J.K.  


“The scandal enveloping the Catholic Church in Ireland has called into question the central pillar of Irish social and political thought. The church has pretty much directed both society and politics among the citizens of the Republic since its inception. The play provides a window through which to observe contemporary Irish society as only a fine piece of writing (and acting) can manage”. Tim Little


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