Practical versus Philosophical


whoa (Photo credit: stgermh)

So I was talking with a friend and she was asking about this whole theatre thing, you know, staring a theatre company and she said, “How’re you gonna raise the money?” And all  of a sudden I’m havin’ this massive anxiety attack and I’m sweating and my heart’s racing and then I’m like in a fever transported back to Neanderthal times like as this guy like named Throg and I’m like Whoa! Who am I? And then I remember, Oh, I’m Throg and I got to get some food for my tribe, you know, like, my babes and shit and I think, Whoa! When did art become such a luxury that food and clothing and shelter took precedence? And then it hit me, like, Whoa! How did this schism between art and practicality begin? And I’m thinking like it was like at the beginning of time when we were transmogrifying from amphibian to ape to humanoid and suddenly the first human said, “I get how we get food and how we make shelter and how we make clothing because I can see that, but this art thing is really mysterious and I don’t get what that Shaman dude is doin’ because it’s invisible but I like it, in fact I need these cave paintings about those wildebeests and stuff but I don’t like what I can’t see or name or touch…

And that was how art became dissociated from practical human experience and made into a non-essential on the town tax referendum, on the IRS list of non-deductible expenses, and since then Man hasn’t bothered to correct this oversight since what we’re talkin’ about is invisible stuff like creativity and art anyway so who gives a… but, seriously… I think that Throg and his buddies decided that anything that wasn’t related to the 5 senses wasn’t significant enough to matter anyhow… What do you think? Isn’t this fun?

English: The logo of The Practical Theatre Company

English: The logo of The Practical Theatre Company (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


2 thoughts on “Practical versus Philosophical

  1. Throg,

    Thank you for your provocative essay. My questions:

    Is the Practical Theatre Company cousin to the Theatre Sans Argent made famous in the TV series Slings and Arrows?

    What if it’s practical but beautiful? Say, a useful club with decorative carving on the handle? Which category does it belong to? Does this cause you anxiety?

    How deep does this go, Throg? Is it unsettling when you cave mate makes a shadow bunny on the wall?

    • Though I’ve yet to see a “silvery” agent, (argent), I have seen slippery ones… and Throg thinks they’re best avoided like quicksands (sans).

      Practical is beautiful; a club for Throg has all sorts of members… the beautiful and the ordinary. Throg notices, in fact, all bunnies have shadows…

      Throg thanks you for your comments!

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