Vincent Dowling

Upon first hearing that Vincent Dowling had passed this month, I felt that pang of loss that’s commensurate with the sort I’ve felt before when a colossus of an artist is no longer with us. But very quickly after that I felt a swell of appreciation for having seen and known his artistry. I’d been lucky in the way one is lucky to step out into a dark summer night, look up at the black sky and see the miracle of a shooting star flashing by. That was Vincent Dowling on stage.

I’d been to see his work at the Miniature Theatre of Chester and his terrific performance in “The Gin Game” with Kim Hunter when it toured nearby inspired me to direct that play as my new company’s first production many years ago. And that’s how I remember him: inspiring. What a legacy to leave!

If you didn’t get to see him, you missed witnessing someone do for theatre what I hope at the end of my days to be able to say I also did: tell great stories in compelling ways with little concern for anything other than doing it well.

That, my friends, is the best applause I canVincent Dowling offer this great man. Bravo! Vincent Dowling! And thank you.



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