"The Kiss"







“The script is superb: quiet, but riveting. We see a
whole life shattered, we share in the pain, and we are never able to
distance ourselves, to look in at the character and feel superior.
It’s amazing how wholly present Thomas was: it was all about the character
and his inescapable situation.” Jeanne W.

“Thomas Griffin is brilliant in ‘The Kiss’. He embodies the character he is portraying with skill and depth, engaging all, spellbound into his story.
This well written play and acting drew me in quickly and left me contemplating my own story and the accompanying personal insights as I always hope all good theater might accomplish.
I enjoyed the intimate setting and personal moments in which the character made eye contact with me; I felt as though I was a participant in the experience and not just an observer.” Genell M.

“Thomas Griffin gives a profound performance asking the question ‘Who are we as our world collapses and our unconscious reaches the surface?’
This play is worthy of your evening. You’ll exit asking your own questions. See it!” Carol S.

“Intimate and compelling…‘The Kiss’ invites us to explore our attractions and taboos by examining chance, choice and consequence. Thomas Griffin’s performance is engaging, contemplative and provocative.
Thomas’ performance was stunning. I was completely engaged in the exploration of intimacy and taboo. This is a very provocative work well presented.” Ingrid B.

“Michael Harding’s play, “The Kiss” paints a vivid, sensitive, poignant, non-judgmental picture of what’s it’s like to be a priest, from the inside out. But you don’t have to be Catholic to be moved by this play.
Thomas Griffin’s exquisite and stunning performance makes you feel you are actually watching a mature, thoughtful, introspective, older man reviewing his failed life and the context in which that failure occurred. You feel compassion for this priest who was also a victim.
The richness of Harding’s play and Thomas’ empathic performance encourage healing of this complex issue so often rendered in black and white.” Wayne P. London, M.D.

“Michael Harding has created a literary work of deep emotional intelligence, and empathy, and has exercised the discipline necessary to present a controversial issue in all its ambiguity.
I was keenly drawn in by Thomas Griffin’s interpretation of this character, and was particularly moved because of his sense of timing and use of small silences; and by his facial expressions, which spoke far more than words can, and conveyed many subtle emotions. The scene in which Thomas relates the character’s youthful experience of desire for a stranger in a department store was heartbreaking.” Muriel Wolf.

“The Kiss, as embodied by Thomas Griffin, was a profound evening of theatre, full of the nuance and complexity of a singular spiritual and emotional life. I am looking forward to the next performance.” W.E.

“I was fortunate to attend a one man show, “The Kiss”, featuring Thomas Griffin, a profound actor who captivated the audience with his outstanding performance. His character, humbled by his wrong doings, accepting of his fate, and questioning his actions. Thomas Griffin, a man who has magnificent talent, outstanding in his portrayal of a Catholic Priest who crossed the line…Thomas is a truly gifted actor. I would be honored to attend another performance again in the future.” S. Stoddard

“I felt completely transported from the opening line to the end. I could have been in an Irish pub sitting with this endearing priest listening to his story, feeling his loneliness, his good-intentions, his regret.
If the performance had been in a theatre for 500, I would have joined the standing ovation. I felt privileged to see it in the intimate setting of a living room and to be able to talk with the actor afterward.
I appreciated the opportunity to get to know the character as a human being – to feel my heart open to him as he navigated confusing cultural terrain – before learning about the act that would scar his identity in the public view.
A captivating, thought-provoking, realistic portrayal. It has changed the way I feel when I read headlines about excommunicated clergy.” Kirstin Edelglass

“The gentle title, “The Kiss”, is turned on its head as actor Thomas Griffin (portraying a sensitive and now former cleric) leads us on a disquieting journey through a life.”
R.A.E., Dummerston, VT

“While the subject matter could be considered controversial…. the presentation from the ‘other side’ really makes you think about the bigger picture…even if you don’t want to.
The presentation itself was wonderful. Thomas’ attention to phrasing, articulation and dynamics gave the play a musical quality that I very much enjoyed. Thanks.”
Steve and Jane

“I felt privileged to experience the transcendence that unfolds when a man walks into a living room of friends and creates an entirely alternate reality by the simple use of a chair, a table, a light, some music and a brogue.
Through the magic of quiet storytelling, a man’s life is revealed to have been a tragic failure. He gave himself over to the church at a time of upheaval and reform – a time when virtually every aspect of church beliefs were questioned. Having lost his own rudder as a result he failed to come to terms with himself and finally experienced humiliation and defeat.
Thomas Griffin’s portrayal is warm and human – even humorous – drawing one casually into the corners of his soul until one realizes how very dark his soul is and how uncomfortable one feels watching.” John McPherson

“It is dear, to those of us who appreciate good theater, to have the opportunity to witness a performer craft their character with the grace and sensitivity necessary to truly illuminate the artistry of the playwright, and this is precisely what Thomas Griffin has done in his superb performance of Michael Harding’s “The Kiss”. This work is an exquisite example of intimacy and refinement, capturing the rich imagery and the character’s subtle shifts of thought so eloquently, that one feels wooed by the introspection and finds the silences palpable.” Jess

“BRILLIANT! A perfect performance by Thomas Griffin, coupled with Michael Harding’s beautiful and sensual words and the spot-on direction from Jerry Levy make for a truly brilliant production!
The intimacy created from the interaction between the actor and his audience was striking, breathtaking, inescapable. I’m still thinking how I was made to feel the following day – it’s a good feeling, I’m not alone!
Thomas Griffin’s venture with Jerry Levy (Acting on Impulse Theatre Company) to reinvent the dinner theater, speak-easy-style, deserves a revival. Enjoying appetizers and dinner before the performance and sharing in a discussion with the actor over dessert afterward is a unique and extremely enjoyable evening.” L.E.K.

“A fascinating evening…very brave of Thomas to perform in such an intimate setting. His performance was a bold, powerful experience. Thanks again.” J.K.


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