House Theatre

Want to bring one of our shows to your living room?

It’s easy! Just follow these simple suggestions:

1) Choose a play: “The Kiss”, “The Fever”, “Marx in Soho” and click on the title to get more info about the play and find out if it’s right for your audience. Don’t worry about lights, props, set: we take care of that.

2) The “performing area” needs to be about 5’x5′, the rest is where the audience sits. So figure out how many chairs you can arrange in a semi-circle around the performing area and that’s how many people to invite. (It’s better to have too many than too few!) Remember, the point of House Theatre is intimate performance.

3) Email us for scheduling suggestions and fees. We’ll send a contract and once we’ve finished negotiations, you’re good to go!

4) Decide whether you want to serve hors d’oeuvres, dinner, or dessert and beverages. If you do, then add that cost per person to your ticket price.

5) Now you know your ticket price. (Just divide total cost by number of people= ticket price.)

6) Next, decide whether you want to invite a select group of people or the General public. If it’s a select group, send out invitations via email, phone tree, or snail mail. If it’s the General public, contact your local press and place an announcement in the weekly calendar or get an interview with the “arts editor”. (Remember to list the date, time, address, contact phone number and price of the event!)

7) Get ready to have fun! If you think your audience would like it, one of the perks of House Theatre is having a conversation with the performer after the show. Just let us know and we’re happy to hang out and chat.

Simple, right!


3 thoughts on “House Theatre

  1. i love the concept . the closest ive come to this in my performance career is a slightly raised concrete area in my garden so we could perform, hold readings or an indian dance performance for about 20 or 25 people .
    well i dont have access to that anymore since that was in India and now i live in the US, in Las Vegas no less where everything seems to exist since they are larger than life !

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