The Fever

THE FEVER by Wallace Shawn

While traveling in a poor country, a sensitive, well-educated, arts

loving and consumption-driven man or woman of any age

discovers that his/her life-affirming existence is related to the

often brutal suffering of others. In the bathroom of a hotel our

“anti-hero” feverishly defends and relentlessly attacks his own

way of life. Inner voices and imagined characters fuel his fever as

he narrates and often attempts to enact his story.

Jerry Levy’s recent tour of Wallace Shawn’s play, “The Fever” has

taken him to California, France, The Netherlands and Scotland.

Writes Levy,  “Four years of living with “The Fever” and two years of

collaboration with my perceptive, kind, and demanding director

Thomas Griffin have brought this project to fruition. Preparing

Shawn’s play for performance has been a personal encounter with

the contradictions in my own life. From the inside I experience

“The Fever” not only as a mirror of the gap between what, as a

Democratic socialist, I hope for and what I am prepared to do and

as a ritualistic dramatization of the inability of the humanistic

middle and upper classes to appropriately act, for the most part,

on their sympathy for the poor and oppressed.”

“The Fever” is a solo-performance approximately 2 hours long and requires a small table and chair for the set. There is a brief intermission.



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